School start times committee:

The committee worked hard for six months, and we applaud them for the incredible time investment as they looked at all of the critical decision-making points, case studies, and financial matters involved with a change in start times. 

On November 29th, 2018, we urged the board’s approval of the committee’s recommendation in favor of later school start times. We are pleased there was a unanimous recommendation for changing start times.

The Collierville School Board voted 3-2 in favor of changing to a later school start time beginning August 2019 for next school year. Current CHS start time: 7 am (new time 7:30 am). Current MS start time: 8 am (new time 8:15 ). No change for 9 am ES. Important: No students will be picked up earlier than 6:45 (Currently, some bus stops start at 6:00 am.) There will be 7 buses added with an estimated cost of $463,000.

We do anticipate some potential cost savings to help counter that $463K estimated cost. Research shows reduced absenteeism which can save the district money. We also anticipate fewer transfers to neighboring Houston High School by Collierville students. Currently, there are students attending HHS for the later start time. Incoming Freshman for the 2019 school year and beyond will likely remain Collierville students after middle school (and for years in the future), saving funds by staying in-district.

We appreciate the opinions of all stakeholders in this topic. Some families were for the status quo in keeping the start times the same and some families wanted the times to be changed. 

Research and case study information was posted on the Collierville Schools site HERE

You will find a wealth of research and helpful facts HERE as well. 

11 of 15 Committee members were school employees (3 are parents were not employed by the school and there was one student). 

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